Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break Bubby

I'd love to post fun pics of all the great adventures we've had this week during Kayci's Spring Break, but somehow don't think you guys would find pictures of Kayci watching a movie or gluing feathers on a chicken very exciting.  So we'll save those pics for another day.  Needless to say, Spring Break didn't turn out quite the way we'd planned, as we brought a sick Bubby home from Pottsboro last weekend.  Monday I kept him home from school because he was kind of puny and it just went from there...when he woke up from his nap it was clear we had bigger problems and a dr. visit a few hours later confirmed it--pinkeye.  In both eyes.  Which was bad enough, but he of course also had an ear infection.  In both ears.  So that set the tone for this week.  We laid low on Monday and Tuesday, but still managed to do what Kayci had on her Spring Break list of things she wanted to do.  (It was an easy list--I love that kid!)  Wednesday we had to bite the bullet and make a trip into Houston to drop off something for/at Region 4 and pick up some things for GPISD from Special Olympics, so we got out of the house a bit...but Noble was running a fever of 102 by then.  The doctor said to wait it out, give the antibiotic 48 hours, but by that time it was up to 104.  So we went back yesterday and they ran tests and confirmed that yes, in addition to everything else he had a virus that we picked up somewhere along the way.  So now we're waiting for the fever to go away so hopefully we can help Grandma and Grandpa with some things this weekend.  Short story long, right?  I meant for this to be more of a pictorial, but I guess I haven't talked to any of you this week so it's time to play catch-up.  By the way, it was James' 34th birthday yesterday--if you haven't yet, don't forget to tell him happy birthday!  :)  

Today James is off, and our family plans didn't pan out as one of us isn't quite up to par.  After Daddy and Kayci left to go to BlueBell (don't ask--200 people in line, they went on to Horseshoe Junction) and to play putt-putt, I decided that Noble and Mommy needed to get out and take care of a couple of errands that couldn't wait and didn't involve contact with anything or we set out.  Aunt Susan and Uncle Phil sent him some really cute Astros gear for his birthday, and I thought that a cheery outfit might help perk him up a bit, so that's why he's dressed so cute on a sick day.  :)  Anyway...the hat.  We put it on straight, and the next thing you know, he's got it flipped to the side.  It cracks me up!  We tried to take pictures the night the gift came in the mail, but we couldn't ever get a good one where he was 1) being fairly still and 2) wearing the hat correctly.  Another note--this morning he decided that he needed a pacifier.  So it went with us on our journey.  Along with a bottle of water/juice...just in case.  When we left, the hat was on straight and the passy was nowhere in sight...and this is how I found him when we got to the jewelry store:  

He made it through the 2 errands and then was whiny and kind of pitiful again, so I thought I'd get something that might, just might, entice him to eat. So we went to Sonic and got some french fries and ice cream (Mommy enjoyed the burger--going meatless on Monday, man!). A few minutes into it, here came the passy again...

I think he realized he couldn't have both, so he tried to give me the passy...

Then he changed his mind and tried to pass off the fries.

His good cheer didn't last through lunch, and sickboy started fussing pretty quickly. So I broke out the ice cream, but wasn't feeding him fast enough, so you know what they say...well, he screams for ice cream, anyway.

That's it for the Bubby. Hopefully Daddy & Kayci will come home with some great pics of their adventure today, and later I'll post Kayci's spring soccer pictures (she's gorgeous of course, but the team pic of 3 girls, one not even in uniform...just pitiful).
Hope you're having a great Spring Break, if you're so lucky!  

And special birthday wishes today to Great Grandma Curtis--I won't give away her age, as a lady never tells, but she's 10 years older than "Pinocchio" so we're pretty excited for her!  And happy birthday to Emily, too, and thank God she's a lot younger than "Pinocchio."  

Alrighty...Bubby says it's time to cuddle.  And we're off...

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