Friday, March 20, 2009

Time to Vote--Spring Eggs Art Walk!!!

If you're in Brenham, please vote for Mrs. Bolcer-egg!  :)

After we set Mrs. Bolcer-egg up (in front of Hermann Furniture--great spot!), the kids and I decided to go ahead and walk around the square.  I knew that last year's winners were going to be displayed, but I have to admit it totally made my day to find Kayci's class egg from last year (also a Pharaon original) displayed in front of the courthouse.  If you don't know the story behind that one, Kayci's teacher had her gall bladder out the week we were supposed to do the egg and I was pretty pregnant and on bedrest, so it was kind of a feat to get it done at all.  We set it up on Friday night, then went out to dinner with the Bogans...and there was Noble, 12 hours later, 3 weeks early.  :)  So that egg represents a crazy time, but a great time!  

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