Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast...

Every once in a while, we're handed unexpected opportunities to step off the fast track for a while and just BE.  As a parent, especially, I find myself most aware of the opportunities I let pass by...more and more these days I have to really work at being present and available to Kayci, not just being "with" her.  It's not about her at all, but about my own stress level, etc.--you know, the whole being a grown-up, even when it's hard, thing.  

Quick rabbit trail:  have really struggled with the whole working Mom/Noble going to daycare thing this past few weeks (okay, months, if I'm being honest) and today was one of those days where I was able to really appreciate my life exactly the way it is and to be grateful for truly having the best of both worlds.  I got to go to Bible Study, and then I went on a field trip with Kayci's class...on a Tuesday.  How awesome is that??

Anyway, so the field trip...after the movie, Kayci was upset that she wasn't leaving with me (I didn't know it was an option, BISD is sooooooo different from GPISD in that respect!) and started crying.  Her teacher looked over and saw us and told me that it's fine for Kayci to leave with me (I think all of the chaperones left with their kids, actually).  So there we were at 2:00 with an unexpected hour and a half together.  I had planned, honestly, to come home and put away laundry and do some work to get ready for tomorrow.  But that stuff will be there in the morning, right?  Time with Kayci won't.  So I just asked her what she wanted to do.  At first she said she wanted to come home and work on a project, but I think she realized that we've got family time set aside for that after tomorrow, because she quickly changed her vote to "walk around downtown."  One of us, possibly me :), suggested ice cream at Must Be Heaven first.  So that's where we went, and we sat at the bar in the ice cream parlor and enjoyed our ice cream cones and visited, then we literally walked around downtown.  I let Kayci lead and I followed, and we went to all (well, most) of our favorite stores and just wandered around.  I was struck by how well she really can read now--she can read most signs, etc.  She's not just a beginning reader anymore--she's a reader.  Sigh.  But that's another day.  Anyway, we just walked and talked and held hands...I can't remember the last time I had an afternoon like that with my Bitty, just the two of us, no constraints, no agenda...it was awesome.  Unexpected, appreciated, and awesome.  (And be proud--all that "shopping" and we only spent $1 on a book.  Woo hoo!  I wasn't even tempted, except by these awesome flip flops I'd like to work into the budget next month...)

Crazy unflattering picture, but I couldn't resist..."me and my shadow" keeps running through my head.  :)  

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