Monday, November 16, 2009

Big Doings!

We had a great time in Pflugerville this weekend, celebrating Grandpa & Reagan's birthdays. Ronny arranged it all--Lois, Richard & Marsha came in to surprise Mom and it was a busy, food-filled, fun time. :)

Now I have to back up a little bit--if you've ever visited us, you know that we have a very, very small house. And James and I have a very small (full size) bed. Since we've added a 4th to our happy little family, that bed has been shrinking and shrinking, it seems. We've talked about moving up to a Queen size but have been putting it off and putting it off...but for lots of reasons, we're ready to move up. We went mattress shopping last week when James was off and have plans to purchase one here pretty quick, and we found a bed frame we like, as well. Which leaves our bed. We could put it in storage, but we'd promised it to Kayci, thinking we wouldn't get a bigger bed until we moved into a bigger house. And once James and I started talking about it, it just makes sense to put our old bed in her room--it's a great bed and a great mattress, which means we'll have a decent place for guests to sleep. If they don't mind shelves and shelves of books and toys and Hannah Montana watching over them from every surface, that is. But I digress...

We took advantage of our time in Pflugerville and did lots of shopping. Kayci picked out a comforter at Target for her "new" bed (unfortunately, her brand new Dick & Jane quilt is twin-sized...that's the only drawback to our plan); we compromised and found something that makes her happy and still matches everything. And boy, does it make me happy, too--I promise I did not pick out the polka dots, Kayci did. :) Of course, as it always happens, the Target we were at didn't have the comforter in the size we needed, but we were able to go to another Target yesterday and pick it up. And while we were there we decided to surprise Bitty with new sheets (the striped ones she really wanted this summer, but they didn't look great with her new quilt so we went with the orange which was perfect!) and a fuzzy green blanket like Keely's (she loves green and she looooves Keely). When we got home last night, James cooked dinner and I made the switch. Kayci was sooooooo happy to see her "new" bed, and even happier when she realized it was truly ALL new from the mattress out. She and Grandma shared her new bed last night and they both had a great night's sleep. We were all a little slow starting after such a great weekend, but I am happy to report that Grandma's on the road, both kids are at school, James is at work and I'm doing my Monday morning Mommy thing.

What's next around here? Well, Kayci has a fun school project this week (she's making a turkey puppet and memorizing a poem) and Thursday is our Girl Scout meeting. Great Grandma Curtis is flying in to spend some time with us this weekend and we're really excited about that--and then, after she flies out on Tuesday, it's practically Thanksgiving! Time is just flying'll be Christmas before you know it. We're trying to take it one day at a time, though...

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