Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stop and smell

Yesterday the kids and I went to the new playground (at Fireman's Park) for the first time. On the walk from the car, Noble spied a bunch of flowers and asked (in Noble's way) to stop and pick some. It was so cute! Of course I didn't get a picture in time, but here's what I got...

Kayci had fun trying out the rockwall, and of course, I just missed the picture of Noble up there with her. Of course.

After our busy-crazy week, a night at home was just what we needed. We had fun making pizza and watching "Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving" for family night, and for the first time, our Jiffy Pop turned out right...and tasted good to boot! Here's a fun clip of Noble laughing at Snoopy's antics...we know he won't have that baby belly laugh forever, so we're trying to capture bits and pieces when we can.

This morning we're just hanging out for a while, then it's off to celebrate GoGo's FIFTIETH birthday. But we won't tell you how old she is...that wouldn't be right. And of course, if it's GoGo's birthday, then you know it's Angus' too...but we can't tell you how old he is, because of the whole Scotland-USA time conversion that we don't really understand. Nana, Dan, and Reagan will also celebrate birthdays this's a big one around here! Happy birthday to all, and to all a good day! :)

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