Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fallin' Philadelphia!

Our kids were soooo confused by the combination of traveling and time change...we've already been up for over an hour this morning. (Yep, that means we got up at 3:00 your time, Texas.) I'm too tired to provide a lot of narrative, so here are some highlights: we had a great, safe airplane trip. We were a little worried about containing Noble in an airplane seat for 3 hours, but we lucked out and our flight didn't fill up, so we sat in the back of the plane pretty much by ourselves. It was awesome! When we got to Philadelphia, the first thing we noticed were the leaves on the trees--we just don't see colors like that at home, so that was really awesome. Then when we got into town we were just overwhelmed by the people walking everywhere and the different, um, driving was pretty crazy for a while while we tried to adjust to what felt like pure craziness to us. But you know, you can't judge a city by the first half hour. In total contrast to the hustle, bustle and confusion of the streets, there are these amazing buildings...I've only seen places like this in the movies and on TV. (By the way, we watched "National Treasure" last night and it was TOO COOL to see the places we went yesterday and are going to see today!) The view out of our hotel window is absolutely amazing...if the statue of Penn was wearing a dress, we'd be looking right up it. Hee hee.

Our hotel is right by the Reading Market...yum!!

We're off to Dunkin Donuts to introduce the kids to Munchkins, then later our plans include a visit to Amish Country then more Philadelphia Historical sites...can't wait!

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Elaine McCoughan said...

How cool!!!!!!! What are you doing in Philadelphia????? Especially at World Series time??????? And don't you need me to come up there and babysit?????? Have fun!!!!!