Friday, May 29, 2009

Last day of Kindergarten...

At 5:59 this morning, a voice cried out, "Oh, Mommy, oh, Daddy...come and wake me up for the last day of Kindergarten!"  We were all so excited, we were ready in record time.  The whole family headed to HEB at 7:00 for Capri Suns and ice, then we went to the donut store and picked up a whole bunch of donuts...Daddy, Noble and some donuts went to Nobley's school and Kayci and I headed to Krause.  She had donuts & Capri Suns for an early birthday breakfast celebration with her friends on the last day of school.  

This is so bittersweet.  Oh, what a year it's been...and we couldn't be prouder of our Bitty!  

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