Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Work Day

With everything going on, I haven't been doing my "regular" Wednesday commute very regularly at all.  But, it's education, it's the end of the year...I've got a lot to do between now and the end of school, and many days I'll actually have to be IN Houston.  To make the transition a little easier, I planned to leave this morning after taking Kayci to school so we (the kids!) could have a "regular" morning.  Everything was great, until I walked out of the bedroom in one of my "work" dresses.  (I wear dresses a lot, but there are a few that are a bit dressier that I only wear to work.)  When Noble saw me, he started whining and grunting...then came over to me and started pulling at my dress and just jabbering away at me.  I realized what it was and I said, "Yes, Mommy's going to work today."  His reply?  "Uh UH!"  

Not a promising start, and I have to admit, when it became apparent that I was going to have to take Noble to school this morning, too, I kind of braced myself for a screaming mimi at daycare.  But nope...for the first time ever today, I dropped him off and he did. not. cry.  :-)  

Now THAT'S a great way to start my workday! to the big city... 

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