Monday, May 18, 2009

Of Heart Attacks and Little Boys...

A funny/scary/heart attack inducing thing happened Saturday morning.

We were all getting ready to go to Houston for Preston's (awesome!) birthday party. The girls were taking a shower and I was getting dressed. Noble was playing with his toys in the office - loudly. I had just checked on him and went to brush my teeth when I heard a loud CRASH in the office. I ran in to find Noble pulling things off of his little workbench and throwing them on the floor. Normal for Noble, so I went back to the bathroom to finish brushing. Then about 20 seconds later, I heard more noises coming from that direction.

I cocked my heard. "That's weird. That sounded metallic" I said. I know that Noble doesn't have any toys that would make a metallic sound, except for when he pulls pots and pans out of the cabinet to "cook" - but he always bangs those as loudly as he can. No - this was a different sound. So I went to investigate.

I walked into the kitchen to find Noble up on the counter next to the microwave playing with Kristi's mixer and metal mixing bowls. He looked up at me, smiled his really big Noble smile, and said "hey!"

I'm sure my eyes got wide, my jaw dropped and I got a little more gray in that instant.

He had climbed up Kayci's red stool and onto the counter. He had climbed over a grill cover that was sitting on the counter as well as Kristi's laptop.

I don't really know what else to say, other than "that's my boy" (I love to climb, too) and "It's going to be a long, interesting ride."

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