Thursday, July 2, 2009


I totally fell asleep in the red chair while I was rocking Noble, I admit it. Apparently I was all worn out from the progress Kayci and I made today--our house, ladies and gentleman, is once again a home. Woo Hoo!

We had a fun evening; the Bogan girls came over for a while, and then the Headleys came over just as the Bogans were leaving. It was nice to catch up with our friends! Noble and I sat down to rock, and that was it for me--I'm not even sure what time that was. I woke up just now as James was taking Noble to put him in his crib, and it turns out that I missed a lot while I was asleep!

Right before I fell asleep, Kayci was sitting on the couch writing in her journal so she could post on her blog. While the chronology of her entry is a bit sketchy, it's really fun--like always, it talks about what just happened rather than the fact that this morning was the end of swim lessons, we got our nails painted, etc. :) But hey, it's her blog! When James helped her post her entry, they realized that she had gotten her first comment (thanks, Nana!) so Kayci wrote back. I know this is to Nana, but it just made me smile and I wanted to share so you guys would be sure to pop over to Kayci's blog sometime and check it out. Here's Kayci, in her own words, by her own hand:

just now i red yor ckoment. i realy like't it. rember to go on my blog every day. i hope you pos't agin. i love you so BIG! i hope i get to see you agin soum time soon!

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