Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My girls and their gadgets

Kristi got her new iPhone 3G S yesterday. First, let me say that it's awesome. If you're on the fence, the video capture alone is worth the upgrade cost. But it's snappy. The interface just feels better and faster. And the compass, when integrated with the Google maps, are just freaking cool.

I snapped this photo (with Kristi's old iPhone) of my girls sharing some time playing with their new gadget. Kristi isn't a geek like I am, but she seems really impressed with her new phone. And Kayci is Daddy's Girl when it comes to gadgets. I think in this photo Kayci is showing Kristi how to shoot and trim video on the phone,

Three of my favorite things in one photo (Kristi, Kayci and Apple stuff)... This makes a Daddyboy happy.

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