Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Growth Spurt!

The kids are entertaining each other (mornings are kind of weird this summer...since James goes to work at 7, we're all up and around by 7, then have 90 minutes to kill before we take Noble to school at 8:30...can make for a long morning!) so I thought I'd sneak a blog in really quick.

I was just folding clothes, which is a daily thing for most parents, I know. What's odd about it is that every other day--pretty much literally--Kayci wears something for the last time. In the past month or so, she's outgrown literally EVERY pair of jeans she owned and all of her shoes besides her Crocs (which are too big anyway, silly things) and some of her flip flops. Sniff...even the Chucks have to go. I just folded up a Hannah Montana shirt that's too small...

Last night at the Library's monthly Family Night, we saw a couple of Kayci's little friends from school. Well, I say little friends, but both girls have done exactly what Kayci's done this summer--they both look about a foot taller than they did in May. I guess maybe it's just the age, or all of the fresh air and sunshine. :)


Holly said...

That's nothing! One year, Rebecca grew 7 inches in 7 months! And last year, Sarah went through 3 sets of jeans and 2 sets of shoes!

Kristi said...

Ugh...so much fun! :) Welcome home, btw!