Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Meet Spot

We weren't really planning on getting a new pet, but the opportunity presented itself and we thought it would be a fun treat for our big kid. So, last night James brought home a Betta and surprised Kayci (and Noble) with it this morning. Kayci was SOOOOOOO excited, I'd say even more excited than when she got the first fish (years ago now) that she earned. So, after we dropped Noble off at school we headed off to find something for the fish to live in, something to feed him, etc. At WalMart, she told me that she had considered the name Sally, but had decided on Spot since he's a boy. (Sidebar: I had several goldfishes named Spot, so that totally made me smile!) When James got home for lunch she proudly re-introduced him to Spot and told him how she decided on his home and his name, and proudly is really the operative word there. She's so excited! We'll see how this goes...we don't have cats anymore, but I dare say Bubby is a huge threat to Spot's sanity and well-being...

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