Saturday, July 18, 2009

Work of Art

So, a few weeks ago in Kansas I was admiring this desk at my cousin's house. It was absolutely the most amazing piece of furniture I've ever seen...truly, it was a work of art. I haven't thought about it too much since we've been home, it's been pretty busy. But I guess it's been on Noble's mind, and apparently, he really wanted me to have a work of art, as well.

Yesterday we were making dinner and I heard it--the cry. It's the cry you hear just once in a while if you're lucky, or once a day or so if you live with Lucky...I mean, Noble. You know the one, it's the "holy crap I've climbed up here but now I don't know how to get down" cry. So Daddy went off to find and save the Bubby (my radar detected the cry coming from on top of my desk, and sure enough, that's where Daddy found him). We went back to dinner and that was that. Or was it?

A while later, I was at said desk looking something up on the computer, when out of the corner of my eye I noticed a blue streak. Seriously...a blue streak. And the more I looked at the desk, the more blue streaks I saw. Somebody had colored a good portion of the desk with a blue Sharpie. I had my suspicions. James swore that Noble had NOT, in fact, been coloring when he pulled him off the desk earlier, but I knew that the marks had to be fresh. So we tracked down the little monster, and sure enough, he wouldn't meet my eyes. He wouldn't come to me when I attempted to call him over to the desk--it was as if the ideas of "desk" and "Mommy" had completely fallen out of his brain. But finally the kids helped us wrangle him, and sure enough, there were telltale blue marks all up and down his left arm. (Hmm. So does that make him a righty, or just when it comes to graffiti? I'll let you know.) Anyway, I pulled the blue Sharpie out of the bucket on my desk and yup, somebody had put the cap on but not really closed it. So near's we can figure, the little monkey scampered up onto the desk, tagged it, then put the marker AWAY so we wouldn't notice it.

I don't know if I should be impressed or frightened. Either way, I'm definitely never bored around here. 'Til next time...

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