Saturday, April 18, 2009

Finally a college graduate

Well, yesterday it happened. Kristi and I finally graduated from college!!!!

We both started college in 1993 at Sam Houston State University. Kristi graduated in 1997 and I in 1998. Well, that's when we got our diplomas, anyway. But I don't believe that you truly own something until it's paid for.

Last night we paid off the rest of both of our student loans!

After almost eleven years, what a weird coincidence that both of our student loans finally terminated in the same month. It's an awesome feeling to have finally conquered that debt in our lives. It's been a long, long, long road that at times seemed would never end. There were so many months that we felt like we weren't getting anywhere, just spinning our wheels.

It's been horrible. There were a lot of times that we thought about how much better off we would be if $500 a month didn't come straight off the top of our salaries. Our goal now is top save enough money for the kids college so that they won't have to go through the same thing.

When we were little, saving for college was a luxury reserved for richer people. Our parents were too busy busting their tails just to keep our families fed and clothed and housed (and they did a great job), nevermind worrying about saving for college. I was the first college graduate in my family and Kristi was the second in hers. Back then, you didn't have to go to college. You could get a pretty good job without it. But times have changed a lot since then. Geez, I sound old, but it's true. The trick is to start saving enough early enough so that going into debt isn't necessary to make it happen. We've got a little more other debt to pay off before we get to college saving, but by this time next year we should be there.

I feel smarter already.

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