Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kayci's Easter Egg Hunt

TGIT, as my friend Teresa said this morning.  :)  It SO feels like a holiday around here, and has all week.  The kids and I are playing in the office right now, waiting for Daddy to get home.  The Bogans are bringing pizza over in a bit and we're going to dye eggs tonight...we're so excited!  It's been a great day, start to finish, and a great start to our Easter.  

Today was Kayci's Easter egg hunt at school, and boy, did she have an egg-cellent time!

Here's Kayci, waiting for the signal...

She's so MY daughter. They were told that each child could take 10 small eggs and 2 large eggs she kept stopping to count to make sure she wasn't getting too many eggs. 
Sweet, but still...sigh.

Guess who surprised us?? What a GREAT surprise, Daddy...
I felt so bad that he had to be at work instead of with Kayci, and I knew he felt bad. 
I just didn't know how bad until he showed up! :) 

We brought bubbles for Kayci & her friends...the wind did the work, mostly, 
but the kids had a blast!

Last week, we made Easter egg sidewalk chalk with Kayci's class--it's a project I've been dying to try for years. When I told Kayci about it, she was all gung-ho...I have to say, I was disappointed with the project until I saw how much the kids loved it, today, and how well the chalk worked! Not dry and icky at all, but kind of creamy and just right...

EVERYONE loved the sidewalk chalk...

...and yes, maybe there was just a little monkeyin' around. 
Happy Easter!

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