Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Shiny, Happy People...

I'm fairly low-maintenance as girlies go, I think, and Kayci DEFINITELY thinks so.  We have a family friend who's always fluffed and puffed (as Jenny says) and coordinated, from her heels to her bag to her jewelry...she's very SHINY, as Kayci says.  Today I went to work, so I dressed in one of my dresses and my silver ballet flats.  Kayci was very pleased.  She said, "You're not usually very shiny, Mommy.  You know, I can't believe you even have silver shoes."  Gee, thanks...  :) 

So then a little while later I'm driving her to school and we're talking about her fingernails.  She's determined to grow them "long like Savannah's."  As of yesterday, she's going to quit biting her fingernails.  Wait, no, she said, just bite them LESS.  So we're talking about her fingernails and how we'll paint them when they grow out, and the conversation turns to a teacher's toenails.  Kayci was trying to describe Mrs. M's toenails...they're white just on the edge (mmm hmm, French manicure...well, pedicure...) and they have something on it a picture?  No..."Oh, I know!" she said, "You know how you can bedazzle stuff?  That's what's on her toenails!"  Bedazzled toenails....what'll she come up with next?  

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