Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kayci and Chuck: A Love Story

Kayci's love of Chucks goes back to when she was a toddler.  Ronny bought her a pair of bright pink high top All Stars for an early Christmas gift.  She wore the HECK outta those shoes, and the identical pair that followed.  This year for Kindergarten, she decided she needed All Stars again, but she couldn't find any that she just LOVED.  We shopped and shopped, and ended up with a shiny pair of Chuck knock-offs from Old Navy.  A few weeks ago the subject of Chucks came up again--her shiny shoes have bitten the dust and she wanted a new pair of Converse.  So we shopped and get the idea.  After much trying on, guess what we found?  Yup...but these are lowtops, white with pink & green polka dots.  Very Kayci.  I guess it's true what they say, a girl never gets over her first love.  P.S.  Nobley got some Chucks for $7--he'll have to grow into them, but blue & orange low-tops?  You know you can't wait to see them!  :)  


Brenda said...

How much do I love Kayci?!! I too love Chucks. I still rock my pink high tops from..wait for it...HIGH SCHOOL! I have a pair of black low tops, too. And I would love a pair of blinged out ones I saw on TV but Kevin said I am not a 'tween' and probably should not buy them. UGH! What does he know!?! LOL! I think you can also make custom ones on the webite FYI. So sad too in Jan. at a Women's Ministry Meeting when asked to bring our fave thing from our closet or wardrobe. Guess what came with me? My Chucks. I am a weirdo. I
have a pair of VANS, too. But they do not compare to Chucks. Kayci rocks!! She and I need to be pen pals. Between HM and Chucks. Girl is after my heart! Does she need a BFF. :)

Kristi said...

Oh, honey--if we lived closer, Kayci would SO be your BFF! Maybe I should just drop her at your house one day so y'all can compare bling...she's forever telling me I'm not FANCY enough! :)