Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Today Noble walked!

Kristi came home from the library and said he took three steps, so then we stood him up and, sure enough, he took a couple of steps. Then I turned him around and he stared walking toward me. I backed up a little with each step he took.

He took 19 steps in a row across the living room floor! Kristi and our friend Sherri witnessed the whole thing, so they can vouch for the fact that I'm not lying.

Then Kayci made a little sticky note and put it on Noble's back that said "Noble tuc [took] 19 steps."

He wouldn't walk again when we got out the video camera, so video will have to come later...

Then when we went out to dinner with the Bogans, he let go of the chair he was holding on to and walked across the floor to another table.



Kristin said...

Love the post-it note! Man she's her Mom's KID! Way to go Noble! Love it

Cynthia O said...

Congrats! another milestone in Noble's life! he'll be tearing around the house pretty soon! he;s such a darling!