Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You Gotta Have Friends...

My friend Dee just left.  (I know, I know, I said I was taking a 2-minute blog break 30 minutes ago...looks like I'll be up late tonight to get in my 8 hours of work...oh, well!)  Anyway, she was dropping off some pants that she's gotten too skinny for and I hope to be skinny enough for soon...TMI, right?  Back to it...she also brought me a ball jar of sweet basil & lime laundry detergent that she made.  What a great girlfriend, right?  It just made me smile that she'd bring me something so...me.  :)  

She also brought a book that I'll pass along to Paula...I have to say, when we got home Friday evening we headed straight over to the Headley's to take Lydia her birthday gift.  Kayci was initially resistant to going in, but once the kids swarmed the car she was rarin' to go and we ended up playing for a good 45 minutes (well, the kids played, Paula and I caught up) until it was time to go home and see Daddy.  It felt very normal to be at Paula's house, and I had to smile when we left with our green bowl packed with brownies and yummy applesauce muffins she'd made for us.  (Have I told y'all about the friendship bowl?  A couple of years ago when I had surgery, our friend Katharine brought us dinner in this cool green bowl with a lid.  She wouldn't take it back, and let me tell you, that bowl has made the rounds since then.  We always somehow end up with it again, but Paula and I made a deal several months ago so now we pass the bowl back and forth, but we fill it up first.  It's silly, but it's always a fun surprise when the bowl appears...I guess it's just sweet to know a friend's thinking of you.)  Anyway, so that made us feel like we were HOME.  Today's library day, and I think taking the six (you heard me right) kids to the library will be another giant step toward normal.  :) 

And speaking of friends thinking of you...right before Easter, I got this awesome card in the mail from Sherri.  It's got seeds IN the card, so I'll plant it when the rain stops.  Can't wait to see the wild flowers!  Sweet, right?  She also sent a big bowl of chicken tortilla soup (and all the fixin's) home with James last week (which he ate, as we stayed in Houston longer than expected...sorry, Sherri).  And then when I got home on Friday, the first thing I saw was a really cute t-shirt that she saw and said it made her think of Noble, so she bought it...and a bookmark for me that she saw in DayStar.  For someone who's been where we are so recently, it just meant a lot that she's always there for us and thinking of us even when we're not together.  :)  

I could go on and on.  Being home this weekend was great therapy, made even better by an impromptu trip to Dairy Queen with the Trevinos after Joe Scruggs, and a last-minute dinner date with the Parkers at their house on Saturday night.  The bigger kids got to splash in the pool, and the grown ups got to catch up and enjoy some great quesadillas.  (Kudos, boys.)  

The cards and e-mails and phone calls we've received this past two weeks have made a huge impact, although I still have to apologize if I haven't replied.  Still busy playing catch up, as evidenced by this wreck of a house.  (See today's Mommygirl post about that one...I'm not grumpy about that anymore as much as I'm just grateful to be home.)  

So here's to all of our friends, here, there and everywhere...there are tons more of you I didn't name here, and I apologize...we appreciate all of you.  Thanks for making me feel at HOME again.  :)  

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